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Britain's 10 biggest punchers of all time


Britain has produced some great boxers and some huge hitters. In no particular order here is my list of the 10 biggest punchers from the British Isles.

Frank Bruno 40-5 (38)

Big Frank turned pro at the age of 20, and won his first 21 fights all by KO as he progressed through the rankings. Bruno possessed a wicked jab, excellent fundamentals but most prominent was his thunderous punching power. In a career with 40 wins he only heard the final bell twice, once against the iron chinned Oliver McCall and the other Journeyman Philipp Brown who spent 10 rounds holding and running. As well as the displays of freakish power in his wins he had the world on the edge of his seat when a short right hand stunned a then seemingly unbeatable Iron Mike Tyson. One of Frank’s most destructive wins came against Coetzee where a perfect right hand KO’ed Coetzee in the first, setting up a world title fight with Tim Witherspoon.

Nigel Benn 42-5-1 (35)

After boxing in the army and a successful amateur career, Nigel Benn turned pro in 1987. In just over 2 years Benn had won his first 22 fights all by KO,  including brutally knocking out journeyman Ian Chantler in 16 seconds with the first right hand he threw. Benn went on to become a 2 weight world champion known for his heart and his power,  and being one of the most exciting fighters Britain has ever produced. One of his most notable wins was the first round demolition of Iran Barkley at middleweight, Barkley being dropped 3 times.

Naseem Hamed 36-1 (31)

Naseem Hamed divided fans, his cocky antics making him a love or hate character. Hamed seemed to possess the power of a man twice his size. He flew through the rankings from Super Fly to Featherweight before challenging Steve Robinson for the WBO featherweight belt dropping in twice on route to a TKO.  Hamed went on to defend his belt 15 times over the next 5 years unifying and scoring some devastating KO’s including a brutal stoppage of Tom Boom Boom Johnson, where by a short right uppercut ended the fight in spectacular style.

Lennox Lewis 41-2 (32)

Britain's Lennox Lewis returned to the UK to start his professional career after spending his teenage years boxing as an amateur in Canada with great success. At 6ft 5 with world class boxing skills he quickly made a name for himself on the world scene. He beat the dangerous Razor Ruddock in devastating fashion before going on to become a 3 time Heavyweight Champion of the World. Lewis was a boxer first with one of the all-time great heavyweight jabs but he had tremendous power and was a brutal finisher. Lewis scored some devastating KO’s but his KO of Galota summed up how dangerous he was. In a fight the bookies couldn’t split, Lennox walked through the troubled Galota to score a first round KO.

David Haye 28-3 (26)

David Haye started his boxing life as a cruiserweight. After a setback against Thompson he went on to dominate the division before moving up to Heavyweight and setting his sights on the heavyweight title. Haye, a small heavyweight by today’s standards possessed freakish power and has scored many spectacular KO’s. One of his most devastating performances came when he met the durable Derek Chisora when a barrage of punches nearly beheaded him in the 5th round.

Anhtony Joshua 20-0 (20)

Joshua currently holds a 100% KO rate and despite his relatively young professional career has unified 2 belts and scored some brutal KO’s. A lot of pressure has been put on to Joshua’s shoulders, but they seem broad enough to hold it as he has steam rolled his way through most opponents. His best win to date without a doubt is against a faded but still world class and very dangerous Wladamir Klitshcko. Joshua came to fight and pulled his way through some sticky moments, but came out on top in the 11th, when he landed an uppercut that would have killed a horse. He went on to beat Klitshcko into submission dropping him to the canvas twice. 

Colin Jones  26-3-1 (23)

A well respected amateur, Jones turned professional in 1977, quickly establishing himself as one of the hardest hitting welterweights around with brutal power in both hands that seemed to be there until the final bell. He was a hugely dangerous fighter and this was shown in his rematch with Kirkland Laing. Jones showed his devestating power, a brutal left hand knocked the fight out of Laing in the blink of an eye and ended their meeting. 

Herbie Hide 49-4 (43)

Herbie had a professional career that spanned nearly 21 years. Starting and ending it at Cruiserweight, his name was made at heavyweight where he became a 2 time heavyweight champion. A troubled man out the ring, in the ring he had fast hands and quick feet and a killer punch. Hide's power was never more at display than against a 37 year old Tony Tucker who had only been stopped once due to injury and had took Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson a combined 24 rounds. Hide stopped Tucker in the second round knocking him down 3 times and finally finishing him with a stunning left hand.

Wayne Alexander 24-3 (18)

Alexander the great racked up 15 wins (13 by KO) when a world title shot came his way against the very talented Harry Simon who he gave a tough fight. Despite not making it at world level he was a very dangerous fighter who was well regarded through out his career, he perhaps fell short because he didn't take his career as seriously as he should.

Alexander had devastating punching power that was never more on display than when he hit Takaloo with a left hook that is one of the best you're likely to see, KO'ing him in an instant.

Gary Mason 37-1 (34)

Gary Mason fought at heavyweight in the 80's and 90's along side fellow Brits Bruno and Lewis. Mason was a strong and dangerous power puncher who lost just once in great competitive and underrated fight with Lennox Lewis. Mason was a contender who was always entertaining. One of his most impressive stoppages was a brutal right hand that knocked Jess Harding out for several minutes for the British Title.