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Bombs On The Thames Part Three: Callum Johnson The Underdog, Not Anymore.

Johnson Brushes Aside The Underdog Tag To Become The New British Light-Heavyweight Champion


So rewind back to Saturday night. We’d already seen a plethora of fights, all of which had ended in a stoppage. Surely there wouldn’t be another, right? Surely the fight would last longer than the two round demolition we had seen in the fight prior. Wrong!

In my preview article, I had written about how I fully expected this to be a war. The former champion was known for his grit, his determination and his heart. Johnson was coming in off a huge period of inactivity. The two men were due to meet in October, but a chest injury to Johnson delayed the fight. Allowing Buglioni to fight Craig Richards and importantly keep active. So you could be forgiven for making Johnson a huge underdog in this fight. But that clearly didn’t faze Johnson….

This fight was Johnson’s first test against a more experienced opponent and because of this, I expected him to enter the fight trying to feel out Buglioni. This seconded with the fact Joe Gallagher isn’t known for his fighters electing to stand and trade from the opening bell left fans in total disbelief of what we all saw next. Johnson had Buglioni rocked with the first clean shot landed. Buglioni held on but it wasn’t long before he was backed into a corner and dropped for an eight count. One might have thought the outgoing champion would have used his pugilistic nous to evade his opponent until his head had cleared. But the damage had already been done, with his legs wobbly he didn’t have the strength to evade, instead electing to fight fire with fire. A further right hook to the jaw saw Buglioni in no man’s land, the referee stopping the proceedings before he got seriously hurt.

Johnson showed no signs of ring rust and tossed away the underdog tag like yesterday’s newspaper. He has added the Lonsdale title to his Commonwealth strap and moves onto bigger and better things. Stablemate Hosea Burton would have been watching that fight intently, but he himself is trying to rebuild a career that Buglioni had ground to a halt. Ricky Summers too is trying to get back to winning ways and for the same reason may not elect to chase Johnson for now. Maybe Craig Richards might fancy a shot now he is back to winning ways? Or perhaps a certain Light Heavyweight promoted by Mr Warren might be interested, after all, we still don’t know if he’s the best light heavyweight in Britain despite his own thought processes.

I am pleased for Johnson, but after making a statement like that the line of fighters queuing up to face him after such an explosive performance may be very small indeed.