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Canelo v GGG 2


By Paul Humphreys   - @intuboxing

First and foremost Intuboxing would like to congratulate Saul Alverez and Gennady Golovkin for a memorable fight hotly contested over 12 fast-paced rounds in the Nevada Desert last night.

Canelo Alverez got the nod in another fight that either guy struggled to dominate the other.

If these guys fought 10 times every fight would be close.


Canelo was the aggressor in the early going, trying to put Golovkin on his heels where they felt he wouldn't be as effective.

Try putting this Khazak man of steel there for long, an impossible task, after a tense first-round Alverez upped the work rate in an attempt to quell the waves on inevitable Golovkin attacks.

It worked during the first half where I had Canelo in a slight lead at the halfway point, Golovkin was starting to find his range though landing heavy jabs and left hooks that Canelo couldn't see at times it looked like Golovkin was about to take over though, He wasn't, Canelo dug in, stood his ground and punched back at every opportunity crashing hooks uppercuts off Golovkins chin and sinking in wicked body shots in a fight that was now an attentional war, one which many believed would heavily favour Golovkin. He couldn't run away with it though, the Mexican Warrior wouldn't give in to the horrors of Golovkins attacks his defence was a wonder to watch at times.


The rounds flew by, Golovkins jab was immense as always, never out of Canelo's fave, both guys with facial damage by the 10th it seemed Golovkin may have had a slight lead in this round as they traded vicious punches showing tremendous fitness and chins to withstand each other's onslaught. 

The final 2 rounds were as tense and as evenly fought as every other round between these two fantastic fighters, the last round wildly exciting with both landing bombs.


I had Golovkin a slight winner 115-113 but it really could have gone either way I'm sure I'll score it differently when I revisit this fight to score it again, the result a majority decision victory for Canelo was protested by Golovkins team but it was close, very close.

I'm just happy to have witnessed such a fantastic fight that will stand along side all the other great fights throughout the years. I heard the scream robbery, it was anything but it was just a great fight between two very evenly matched elite talents.