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IntuBoxing introduce Monica 'Fearless’ Flores.

Pint-sized puncher ready to take on the World

By Dan Hewitt   - @intuboxing

With looks that wouldn't be out of place on the catwalk and a punch that would put you to sleep in a second, this lady is set to take the women's flyweight division by storm.

IntuBoxing's Dan Hewitt catches up with the pint-sized puncher ahead of her fight at the Humble Civic Centre in Texas November 17th


IntuBoxing  - What got you IntuBoxing?

Monica - I love fighting but I don’t like getting in trouble for fighting, much nicer to get paid to fight than to get in trouble for it! 


IntuBoxing - How has preparation gone for November 17th?

Monica - It’s been going great, we signed up for this fight shortly after my last fight so I just continued my training camp a week after California and with 2 weeks left we’re just coasting and getting some sparring done to prepare for what we might encounter.


IntuBoxing - At first glance, you wouldn't strike me as a boxer, does this sometimes shock your opponents?

Monica - I definitely don’t try to act tough or macho, I think that’s what shocks the most if anything. My demeanour is always gentle and calm so I’ve had a lot of my opponents tell me they were shocked after receiving a blow from me was anything but calm and gentle.


IntuBoxing - El Tigre Promotions have stated that you are closing in on a World Title opportunity, can you tell us about that?

Monica - Yes, that’s in the workings, of course. We want to be fully prepared, so since I’ve just gotten out of a 4-year pause on my fighting career we want to get back into the groove of things. We are not rushing into it, but it will happen soon.


IntuBoxing - You are fighting Tania Serrano- Vargas next, what do you know about her?

Monica - All I know is that she is from Mexico, we have been trying to find a willing opponent with the short amount of time given and this girl was the only one who accepted. So she is either really good or really dumb! We will see!


IntuBoxing - El Tigre Promotions seem to be really pushing this show and it has been noticed internationally kindly involving us here at IntuBoxing. Why do you feel this is?

Monica - I think they know they have some really great fighters on the card! When I say great, I mean Great! Even I can't wait to watch some of the other fights that night. I’ll be quick to make it back to the seats to see the rest of the fights


IntuBoxing - What do you have to say to your fans?

Monica - I appreciate all the love and support and I can’t wait to give y’all a fight to remember November 17th!!


Check out El Tigre Promotion's live stream on November 17th and like their page on Facebook!