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The Return of King Khan

The difference in class showed when the tempo was turned up

By Bryan Connolly   - @intuboxing

Last nights Matchroom event had very fiery and exciting undercard matchups and the main event also was a heated exchange. There must have been something in the air in the Barclaycard Arena as all the fights produced dramatic scenes.


Khan, fresh off his last win against Phil Lo Greco in April, is still on the comeback trail and under Joe Goosen is starting to look like the Khan of old. Its madness to think of Khan as old as he is only 31 but his career spans 13 years.


The first round started, and Vargas looked smart and came out very positive, letting Amir know hes in for a hard nights work. The second half of the round and the right from Khan looks quick and strong.


Vargas down!!! Start of the second and a crushing right hand lands and Vargas is dumped on his face. He gets up and got jelly legs. Khan down!!! Right at the end of the round and Vargas lands flush on the money maker he gets up before the bell, and Khan is saved. What a topsy turvy round.


Round three and lets hope for another explosive round. Vargas down again!!! Another right hand from Khan lands but the Colombian is saying it hit on the back of the head. 


Inbetween rounds, Goosen has told Khan his fire and talent is back and he starts the fourth in confident fashion. Some lovely body shots and combinations land, but as Khan is growing more into this fight Vargas lands flush on the chin but Khan takes the shot.


Round five starts and Khans speed is so relentless Vargas must think there is more then opponent in the ring. 


Vargas' corner must have gave him some great advice as the sixth round as Vargas traps Khan in his corner and hits with clubbing shots to the body. Questions to Khans conditioning was called upon there.


This is the furthest Khan has gone for 3 years, and the seventh you can see the pace is starting to get to Khan. He wiuld have trained for a long fight and rounds but under the lights its harder to take. 


Both have a cooler and calmer eighth round but the ninth comes and Khan starts with combinations again and hits Vargas from all angles. Vargas needs the ropes and the bell.


Vargas comes out like a bull in the tenth, and cuts the ring off on Khan. Amir tries to use his movement and defensive speed but Vargas lands a massive right hand. Khan takes the shot but is shaky walking back to his corner. Goosen needs to get his fighter sorted after that one.


The twelfth and final round comes and Khan comes out swinging. Punch after punch, again. Both have put on a performance with real grit and fire. Vargas has his hands high and Khan smiles as he walks away. 


The result was a unanimous one. 119-109 118-110 -119-108 in favour of King Khan.


As always here is my conclusion to this encounter. 


Samuel Vargas caused Khan problems and his aggressive style was a joy to watch. The difference in class showed when the tempo was turned up but always looked dangerous especially in the early rounds. Vargas had everything to win and nothing to lose and thats a very dangerous situation for any fighter. He deserves on the back of this to fight a better calibre of opponent and show what he can do with an opponent on his level and radar.


Amir Khan looked impressive throughout. There will always be talk of Khan's "chin" problems, but like the Maidana fight he showed he can take punch. I think this was probably Khan's best performance for a long time and well needed. After the fight he called out Manny Pacqiauo but Eddie Hearn was quick to say Kell Brook was now or never. Lets see what happens in this saga but Khan will be happy with his performance and going forward if staying at 147 can look for the big fights once again.