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Warren looks to Tony Bellew or David Price for Fury

Frank Warren's eyes Liverpool's big men as future opponents for 'The Gypsy King'

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

Well, the Mack is Back ... Sort of. 

Yes, Tyson Fury made a triumphant return to professional boxing two and a half years after his virtuoso victory over Wladimir Klitschko. But did we really learn anything? No, not really. Fury's comeback should have been celebrated, instead, it quickly became something of a farce. From the low key homoeroticism at the weigh-in to Sefer Seferi quitting at the end of the fourth without barely taking a big shot from 'The Gypsy King'. During the fight Fury clowned, gurned and showboated such antics were not appreciated by the man in charge, Phil Edwards nor the paying crowd. The whole thing stank if I'm being blunt, Fury's father John going as far as to say that his son NEVER wanted to get in the ring with Seferi. 

In his post-fight interview, Fury claimed: "Frank's going to keep me busy and I'm going to have a world title by the end of the year - that's a promise." That is, without doubt, a promise to you, me and the rest of the boxing public that will go unfulfilled. Least of all because but two men occupy the four belts, and one of them happens to be promoted by a man Fury's own promoter is loathed to do business with.

Warren himself has other ideas for Fury. We learned in the post-fight interview that Fury will be back out again in August. "On the 18th of August at Windsor Park in Belfast. That's where he'll be. As he said from the beginning, it's a process. It's about him getting the rust out of the system.

"As you can see he's still got a bit of weight to lose, you can see he needs the rounds and we just have to step up the opponents each time. The name of the game now is to find an opponent. We keep moving onward and keep moving forwards and the objective is to get him into contention to fight for the world title as soon as possible."

So as soon as possible not before the end of the year, Tyson. 

Interestingly, Warren brought up a very familiar name with the audience as to a potential target. "Tony Bellew absolutely, we'd go for that before the end of the year - not a problem. The name of the game is to get the fights in, then by the end of the year be in a position for a big, big fight."

Bellew seemed only too happy to oblige on social media quoting "I will knock the big man @Tyson_Fury out!! Simple as that! #LetsDoThis"

Now there are mechanics behind this potential bout which I have alluded to already, and do so whenever a Matchroom or Frank Warren fighter are mentioned in the same breath. Politics ... The two simply do not do business together and have not done so in living memory. So the two would need to come to some sort of arrangement in order to so. One thinks that a potential matchup with Anthony Joshua could be used as leverage. With Hearn allowing Bellew to box on BT Sport and if Fury is successful then he could box Joshua on Sky Sports Box Office. But that is merely the rumblings of this journalists mind of course. 

Despite the belief in casual fandom, Tony Bellew would pose a variety of problems for Fury. Yes, Fury's size would be an issue. But Bellew has a very underrated boxing ability, that much was evidenced in his bouts with David Haye. Bellew was able to back Haye up with a double jab, forcing weight to go on Haye's suspect leg, meaning Haye couldn't load up as he normally would do on counter attempts. And the finishing shots? All shots Haye could not see. Like him or not, that was smart boxing! Bellew has remained active and Fury still has plenty of work to do. If I were Fury's team id actually think twice about it!

Speaking of Liverpudlian heavyweights, David Price, who was on commentary for Radio5Live also threw his hat into the ring. Claiming Fury needed to lose '15 or 20lbs' and 'looked slow on his feet.' and offered himself as a potential opponent. Price beat Fury in the amateurs, the latter describing Price as the 'Hardest puncher he'd ever faced' 

Fury indicated he needed to face a taller boxer to prepare for the premier division's big guns.

"I want someone big. Small ones, I don't like. Joshua and Wilder are over 6ft 5in so I have to prepare for people like that.

"I felt good today, I felt fit, I didn't feel sluggish, so even if I take another stone off I'll just be even better. And taking a stone off is pretty easy - that's just sleeping a few nights."

So there we have it. Two names in the hat, but something tells me we are unlikely to see either in the ring with Fury in the short term and beyond.