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Warrington Shocks The World

An Inspired Performance From The Hometown Man #ANDTHENEW

By Aaron Cooper   - @intuboxingfm

Wow, just wow. 

Firstly let me begin by apologising to Josh Warrington. That was a performance that I, and indeed many thought he simply was not capable of. 

Josh Warrington is the new IBF featherweight champion of the world, just let that sink in for just a second. Josh Warrington fought like a man possessed in the early rounds, beating Selby from pillar to post. For those who thought this would be a walk in the park, myself included were sorely mistaken.

Warrington was awarded a bizarre split decision victory with scores of 115-113 & 116-112. The other judge scoring a 115-113 reverse for Selby, once again highlighting odd and poor judging decisions in the world of boxing. You could be the most biased Lee Selbyfan on the face of the planet and even then you would still have to score the fight for Warrington. 

Warrington began the round very aggressively setting a very fast pace.. And the champion was working the jab, trying to pick his shots. Warrington applied calculated pressure, having plenty of success to head and body in the second. There was also a clash of heads that opened up a cut around the left eye of Selby. A big hook looked to take the legs away from Selby momentarily

Selby began the third trying to establish a foothold in the fight with his jab.. But it was Warrington who continued to land the more eye-catching shots as the punches flew. Selby  The fourth was very close, with both boxers getting their shots off in a round i scored even. But yet again in the fifth round, it was Warrington who was still landing the cleaner and better punches. Selby was very much in the fight and landing short shots of his own.

Warrington was peppered the head and body of the former champion in the sixth, Selby's face rapidly turning into a crimson mess. But yet again we saw a break in the action as another cut, over Selby's right eye.. 

Selby was really being broken down in the seventh. in truth, he was boxing a bit better, but Warrington was the one that was catching the eye. Warrington appeared to take the round off in the eight. The ninth round saw Selby pressing the action, pushing Warrington back and doing much better work. But Warrington fired back in the final minute of the round.

Selby was trying to force his way into the fight in the tenth, sensing his world title was slipping away. The eleventh round was very close, with Warrington landing some solid shots in the closing moment to likely nick it.

In the twelfth, Warrington was simply landing the harder, more telling punches as they exhausted their final bits of energy.

This fight did more than live up to expectation and as of this writing is the best fight I have seen on these shores this year. Surely, governing body willing. We will see Warrington defend his IBF title against Carl Frampton in Belfast over the summer. 

Warrington showed plenty of patience behind high held gloves with a mix of educated pressure to take Selby's boxing ability and size away from him. Selby was cut early on from an accidental headbutt, with the referee giving a close inspection in the sixth round. A further headbutt saw the other eye cut, Selby repeatedly complaining to the referee of rabbit punching time and time again, and to a degree, he had a point. But we should take nothing away from Warrington, who has defied all the odds and put on the performance of his life!!

Josh Warrington ... I salute you!!