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Weekend Round Up 12th March 2018

Weekend Round Up by Aaron


The light welterweight division was firmly under the spotlight this weekend, and four of the division's biggest names were featured on Showtime Championship Boxing. The biggest name of the four men did not disappoint. Mikey Garcia is the IBF Welterweight Champion of the world, winning a world title at a fourth weight and further cementing his place amongst the pound for pound best. 


But he didn't have it all his own way ... 

Winning by a unanimous decision with scores of 117-111, 117-111 and 116-111 you might be led to believe this was an easier fight for Garcia. But believe me when I say Sergey Lipinets wasn't willing to part with his belt so easily, and he made Mikey Garcia work incredibly hard for his new title.

Both fighters put on a great display of boxing. In the earlier rounds, each fighter showed a clear respect for each other and didn't really throw an awful lot. Garcia made it hard work for the former champion, being very light on his feet making himself a tough target. But Lipinets bloodied the nose of Garcia at the end of the second with a solid jab, providing Lipinets with some confidence. In the third Lipinets started the round by landing some shots up high. But Garcia was able to constantly land the right hand as Lipinets left was hanging low by his waist. I began to think something might be wrong with the former champion's left hand as he kept shaking it off. It was clear Lipinets wasn't going to be discouraged from coming forwards but by the fourth round, Garcia had stamped some kind of authority on the fight. Lipinets began to dip his head as he was coming in, allowing Garcia to really start landing the left. A beautiful one-two followed by an overhand right really caught Lipinet's attention. It was Lipnets who pressed the action in the fifth and sixth although Garcia did narrowly miss connecting with a huge uppercut that might well of ended the night. But he wouldn't have to wait long to put his man down, handing Lipinets the first knockdown of his professional career. A hard left hook putting Lipinets clean on the seat of his pants. The eighth seemed like a round off for Lipinets to recover, though Garcia was picking him off with a one-two which had so much success throughout the entire fight. Lipinets never stopped coming forward, but such is Garcia's ability he was able to pick his man off with shots that left the crowd in awe. 

The twelfth round was a shootout worthy of the Alamo as I had hoped we'd all see. Garcia had won, but Lipinets is most certainly to be commended for his effort and most definitely his chin.

Lipinets can come again. But for Garcia, the biggest names from 135 to 147 could well await. With Jorge Linares and Vasyl Lomachenko expected to fight May 12th, could we see Garcia take on the winner later in the year?